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Webworld2000 Has Worked With Numerous Small, Medium, And Fortune 500 Company's.

WebWorld2000 has been in the web development business for fifteen years, and in the Internet marketing business for nearly seventeen years, starting with AOL, Prodigy, and Compu-Serv. Below are many of the company Webworld2000 has worked for.



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2013 - Dr. Haze & Valleywide Dental Inc.
An Executive Recruiting Firm for Financial Representatives.

Palmdale Dentist Dr. Haze had been locked into a long term contract with AT&T/ and had nothing but headaches and poor customer service. WebWorld2000 redesigned a new website that gave Valleywide Dental more control over thier content and the ability to make changes when desired without having to wait on AT&T.

2013 - Reach Mobile
Reach Mobile – SMS Marketing - The Text Message Marketing Company

Reach Mobile is a SMS marketing or a text message marketing company. WebWorld2000 spun off it's mobile marketing division into its own entity and developed a new brand to compete in the mobile marketing arena.

2012 -
An Executive Recruiting Firm for Financial Representatives.

RepRecruit, LLC is an Executive Recruiting Firm serving Financial Representatives, had been trying to build their own website but could never take it to the level they wanted. WebWorld2000 was able to give them the sophistication yet achieving the simplicity they were seeking.

2012 - CPL Insurance
A new website for pollution liability insurance agents.

 National E & S, a national insurance brokerage firm needed a way for insurance agents to be able to sign up as a broker, but also need a way for the agents to use the rating model to give quotes to their current clients. They needed a website that could handle the traffic as well as the ability to meet their needs as well as the needs of their agents.

2012 -
A new manufactured stone website.

 Stone Zone Inc. is a brand new company that needed a way to showcase their products as well as video, tutorials, and product catalogs. WebWorld2000 was able to set them up with a CMS so they could login and manage their own website while still having the security of have having us looking over their shoulder to make sure they don't make mistakes.

2012 -
A new semi-truck classifieds website.

 This semi-truck classifieds website allows sellers to post pictures, videos and complete descriptions of the truck and/or parts they are selling but, unlike other truck classified websites, the site is exclusively for Semi-Truckers.

2011 -
A well known medical clinic in Santa Monica needed a new professional looking website.

The Halten Clinic which performs Executive Physicals wanted an updated professional look for their organization. They needed a site that would appeal to younger executives as well as people wanting comprehensive physicals at an affordable price.

2011 -
A very high end photographer started a new business, printing photos to canvas.

Quality Canvas Prints needed a way for people to be able to upload their digital photos to Quality Canvas Prints, and then have them printed to customer selected size canvas panes.

alt 2011 -
An older client needed another website for their roofing business.

Brightcloud Roofing had Webworld2000 build a website for their non-profit organization several years and now needed a website for their roofing business and came to us to build it for them.  W2K set them up with a CMS and a custom designed theme for their website. They now can change and update information at-will.

2010 -
Redesigned the online presence for a Wedding Chapel.

AV Wedding Chapel initially had a website that was on but didn't get any business from and eventually let it die off. The owners came to us and asked us if we could get them back up and build them a beautiful website that would allow them to publish their specials and to get business. W2K set them up with a CMS and a custom designed theme for their website.

2010 -
Created and developed an online memebership training camp for new investors.

Stockmarket Training Academy needed a "Squeeze Page" developed to sell their Online Stock Market Training Videos. W2K developed the Squeeze Page with an online members area for new sign ups, along with a nice slide up window to capture email addresses.

2010 -
Created a simple, small budget website presence for Proz.

The Antelope Valley Public Relations Officials organization had a very old website, and a very tiny budget. They really wanted something new, and something that they could have control over with out having to wait for a webmaster to update. W2K set them up with a simple theme using Wordpress at their Content Management System. They now are able to log in at will and manage and change their content and have total control over it.

2010 -
Created a simple online presence for a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Lancaster, CA Criminal Defense Attorney James A. Bates just wanted a very simple online presence so prospective clients could contact him with their legal issues. W2K designed a simple site using Wordpress as his Content Management System, which allow James A. Bates to log in and create content as needed.

2009 -
Developed an online business directory for the Antelope Valley.

An individual came up with the idea of having a local business directory called the Antelope Valley Business Directory to help drive online & foot traffic to local businesses within the Antelope Valley community. W2K put together a directory application that is completely Google/Yahoo friendly that allows users to advertise current promotions, upload printable coupons, and be rated & reviewed by patrons.

2009 -
Redesigned the company's old incomplete web site.

Lancaster awning cleaning & maintenance company had a web site developed for them many years ago, but it was never completed and it stayed that way for many years. W2K stepped in and redesigned their web site with a new fresh look for the 21st. century. They now have a stunning gallery to show off their 18 years of work.

2008 -
Setup blog content authoring software for money making ideas.

eCooltools came to us seeking a way to post content on the web without having to create new web pages every time. W2K set them up with the wordpress blog and a few plug-ins. The eCooltools authors can now log into their blog and add posts without having to create new web pages for all of their content.

2008 -
Designed new train accident web site to deal with the Los Angeles Metrolink accident.

This local attorney came to us and needed a new web site in just a few days. W2K stepped up to the challenge whipped out a brand new web site designed to inform and attract new clients involved in a recent train accident.

2008 -
Setup & designed a new blog to keep Los Angeles Metrolink accident victims updated on news & breaking events.

This same client as above also wanted a blog set up so they could disseminate news, information, and breaking events as they happened. W2K was able to set up this Wordpress blog in just a few hours after their request came in.

2008 -
Designed new train accident web site to deal with the Los Angeles Metrolink accident.

Another attorney located in the Southern California area needed a new web site set up and designed in less than two days to deal with the Los Angeles Metrolink accident. W2K was able to work overtime and crank out in about 2 days time a complete and fully functional information web site.

2008 -
Created an online learning environment for foster kids.

Powell's Learning Center had a desire to do two thing: one they needed a web site to brand themselves as an educational learning center, two they wanted to create an online environment where foster kids anywhere in the United States could come and learn some form of trade without ever having to leave their home. We developed an online presence for them and installed Moodle open source educational software for them to create unlimited educational opportunities. Visit their school

2007 -
Created an information web site related to California boat accidents for existing client

Because boating accidents have been on the rise in the State of California, this long term client asked us to develop an informational web site regarding boat accidents.

2006 -
Setup & designed a new content blog for guitar lesson reviews
with wordpress.

This client came to us needing a blog designed and setup for new and beginner guitar players. We set him up with a Wordpress blog and the Mighty Might Podcasting Plug-in so that we could broadcast over the web his guitar lesson reviews.

2005 -
Designed and developed a Yahoo style audio/video podcasting directory.

Podcasting Directory wanted to enter the Internet Directory arena by creating a Yahoo style portal for audio and video podcasters. W2K came up with a solution that allows for new users to join this podcasting community and to allow users to vote, rate, and review other podcasters within this podcasting community.

2005 -
Developed a site template for a freelance web site that allow programmers to bid on various graphic design and web development projects.

HighTech Web Jobs already had an application in place to do most of the work for them. What they wanted was a simple design that would not take away from the functionality of their site. W2K came up with a simple "Tabbed" layout for easy navigation.

2005 -
Created an information web site related to California wrongful death accidents for an existing client.

2005 - The Church On The Way
Developed a custom Intranet application to support a staff of 280.

This client used their telephone answering machine to communicate important/emergency information to church staff. They needed a way to quickly and effectively communicate with their employees. W2K developed a custom Intranet application to accomplish this task. Church employees now can see at a glance all upcoming events, pastors can track their pastoral care activities, and all important church news with a simple post. Other Intranet features included a complete online multimedia training center, technical support area w/ trouble tickets, software downloads, server status, chat, and a staff contact database.

2005 - Farmers Insurance
Redesigned the Farmers Insurance web site.

W2K was brought in to work on site with IT staff to aid in redeveloping the web site. Designed it to be compatible with IE 6.0, Netscape 6.x, 7.x. XHTML compliant for future ADA specifications.

2005 -
Created an information web site related to California motorcycle accidents for existing client.
2004 -
Created a multi-functional web site to train, offer information, and to do business on the Web.

This massage therapist located in So. California wanted a three-fold web site. First they wanted to brand themselves on the web, as well be able to make & take appointments. Secondly they wanted to distribute information regarding massage, massage therapy and its benefits, and thirdly they are using the web to offer massage therapy instruction, and fourthly they are doing e-Commerce with massage related products to a nationwide audience.

2003 -
Developed an e-Commerce site for a female related greetings card company.
2003 -
Developed an informational web presence to distribute news and promote the Native American organization.
2003 -
Designed a branded web site for a family friendly movie production company.
2003 - Eagle Wings Construction Inc.
Developed a multi-user project management database application, Intranet, and Web site.

Eagle needed a database to track all incoming construction jobs, commissions, and job profitability for 25 end-users, plus. A W2K consultant built an internal database application using Microsoft Access 2002, and internet explorer 5.5. Also created the company’s Intranet and web site designed specifically for Internet Explorer 5.5 using HTML 4.0, CSS, & JavaScript.

2002 -
Developed a Pay Per Click Search Engine for the Beauty Pageant industry.

This client wanted to be the first to create a Pay Per Click Search Result Search Engine for the beauty pageant industry. W2K created a blueprint for site design with the necessary specifications for the hardware, software, and data resources. W2K then developed a cross-platform web site using Smartsearch & Adsmart Technologies. Implemented a live news delivery service with RSS1. Today that's called web 2.0

W2K SEO'd all their web content, page titles/descriptions with keyword rich phrases,with multiple Search Engine and Web Directory submissions. W2K developed promotional ads for print and online use. Expanded their media reach by publishing articles and press releases in trade publications, PRweb, Yahoo News. Set up & managed Pay Per Click campaigns on Miva, GoClick, and

2002 - Pageant News
Created a news/press release distribution system for existing client

2002 -
Designed and developed the company’s web presence to distribute news and pageant event information.

Developed a cross-platform web site for 4.x browsers using html 4.0, DHTML, CSS, Perl, JavaScript, Java. Also implemented an automated process with many administration tools ranging from site statistics to list management. 

2001 -
Developed a web-based B2C e-Commerce Catalog solution.

Developed an application to allow consumers to purchase soccer equipment from the only licensed wholesaler in the United States for Penalty Soccer over the Internet in real-time. We designed their web site specifically to be compatible with 4.x browsers using html 4.0, CSS, Perl, and JavaScript. Our back-end was developed using the Cartit Commerce Engine.

2001- Specialty Merchandise Corporation
Developed a comprehensive marketing plan for 200,000 SMC/EMC customers.

One of our W2K consultants identified 60 plus marketing venues, breaking venues down into separate channels, and developing over 500 supporting resources. Developed a marketing application to identify key areas of focus based on a stringent set of criterion. Laid out strategic business development plans for service enhancements. Consulted on adding community features to current site, and developing additional features & functionality for future customers. use.

1999 - American Honda Motor Co.
Designed and built the company’s Intranet for 5,000 plus English users..

Honda needed an Intranet to achieve several goals. A W2K consultant worked closely with department heads to identify these goals and document end-user requirements. Developed their Intranet to distribute news, company policies, e-Learning applications using Macromedia Flash 3.0 for MS Office 2000, FrontPage 2000, and other miscellaneous topics.

1999 -
Developed web site & created an aggressive Internet Marketing campaign.

Speed Picking Secrets of the Pro's after several years on was finally ready to jump to their own domain. W2K updated their brand, created a state-of-the-art marketing campaign using a variety of online & off-line venues to sell their music related books. Expanded their media reach publishing articles and press releases in trade publications & PRweb. Implemented an aggressive online promotion strategy using multiple Search Engine & Directory submissions, developed media-rich commercials using Macromedia's flash 3.0, posted ads in on-line classifieds, bulletin boards, and news groups, developed their affiliate program using, and set up their Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns on Miva, Searchfeed, and Overture.

alt 1999 -
Set up and designed a fund raising web site for SudanFund.
1998 - Xerox
Built the Intranet for the Xerox 4036 printer.

Collaborated with IT Manager, technicians, and engineers to identify and document technician requirement. Developed slimmed down version of Intranet for CD-ROM to distribute software updates, documentation, and diagnostic screen shots for engineers that didn't have ready access to a machine for technical support.

1998 - State of Nevada
Redeveloped and overhauled two web sites for the state of Nevada..

The State of Nevada had a fairly old web site and wanted it redeveloped to reflect a more current look with a theme that could be used throughout all of the states web sites. A W2K consultant worked closely with the states IT Director, IT managers, and state employees, to redesign the States main web site and a web site for the Dept. of Technology.

1998 - Computer Science Corp.
Developed a MS Access Database.

Based on existing specifications, a W2K consultant help develop a database based to house all of their corporate documentation for their Intranet using Microsoft Access.

alt 1998 -
Consulted on the development of a Phase One Beta web site for Disney.

This massage therapist located in Arizona wanted a two-fold web site. First she needed to brand herself on the web, as well be able to make & take appointments. Secondly she wanted to distribute information regarding massage, massage therapy and its benefits.

1997 - AT&T WorldNet
Supported AT&T clients in setting up E-commerce applications and developing their web sites.

Supported and trained their clients using Internet Protocols, (FTP, Telnet, HTTP, SSL) and how to upload files to AT&T’s staging servers plus consulted with clients on developing content.

1997 -
Designed and developed an online digital catalog to sell their Native American arts and crafts.

We designed their web site specifically to be compatible with Netscape 1.x and up, Internet Explorer 3.0, and AOL 3.0, using the HTML 2.0 specifications. 

alt 1996 - Speed Picking Secrets of the Pro's
Created free GeoCities web site for guitar teacher/author.

This guitar teacher/author wanted to get on the newly emerging web, but couldn't afford development costs, plus the cost of a domain and a web host. W2K took their 8 page sales letter and put it up on the best known free web site, and submitted them to Yahoo and several other Search Engines, and posted ads in on-line classifieds, bulletin boards, and news groups.

1995 - Disney Interactive
Consulted on the development of a Phase One Beta web site for Disney.

Worked with a team of consultants to develop several ideas for content, games, customer and investor relations, as well as what direction to take concerning the hosting of their site, also recommended several vendor-candidates for programming and to develop on-line games.


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