Want to become a Google power searcher? Check out this very cool info graphic from the Sherwood Group.


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Information technology and e-commerce have created new ways of carrying out business in the present arena. Information technology has presented in the business world new ways of carrying out business. Buying, selling, supplies and procurement have gone digital. Customers, suppliers, partners and investors can meet online and prosecute their business ideas in an online platform. Information technology has opened platform that allows for new channels and relationships of doing business. Manufacturers and distributors know what to produce and the quantity to distribute without having to travel but by passing information in a digital platform.  The manual type of travelling to and from manufactures is minimized by increasing dependence on contemporary technology. Much of the physical meeting has been minimized and instead replaced by digital communication. Purchasing, pricing and payment are through digital platform.

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As business owners we should all have business cards. Recently Continuity Programs Inc. posted a great but simple article on using business cards effectively. Check it out: http://www.continuityprograms.com/2013/10/use-firms-business-card-effective-marketing-tool/

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Today HTML Sitemaps appear to be a thing of the past. Well Matt Cutts say if you want to emjoy good rankings in Google then they are still important. Here what he has to say below.

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facebook-hashtag[1]Those of you familiar with Twitter will understand what a hashtag is, for those of you not so familiar, a hashtag is Twitter’s unique creation that utilises the  # (pound) symbol at the start of a word or phrase to identify keywords or trending topics.

The use of the hashtags turn these words, topics and phrases into clickable links within your tweets that other users can then click on and find more related instances of the hashtag in other users tweets. Continue reading

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googlesitemapGoogle’s search engine uses different methods to determine which pages rank in the search engine results. Their exact way of doing it is still a mystery, but there are few things you can do to rank better.

Although these tips may not position your website at the top of the list, they may help you move up a little. No matter the methods you follow, make sure you create a site that you want to visit. Don’t use any tricks to fool Google as it will figure it out and modify their formula. Hence, you will be left behind in the search results and wonder, why. Continue reading

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Here is a great post by Matt Cutts discussing areitcle marketing and some other things related to link building. This is a video and a must watch.

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So can you have too many links pointing to you and can that harm you? Let’s hear Matt Cutts from Google explain the answer.

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This really is something that the SEO community at large has been waiting for and will now give site owners the option to tell Google of links they would rather not have associated with their site.

It appears that after you have told Google which links or domains to ignore, you then upload a .txt file to the root of your site. This will then be read by Google and in time, disassociation will happen.

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Could you imagine if you connected with every client, past client, neighbor and friend on a daily basis what this would do for your business?

Having social media profiles is a vital part of running a successful business in today’s fast paced world. It’s not just enough to have several media platforms for your company. You have to know how to use them properly.

Connect with your past clients and tell them you appreciate their business and ask them how you can help them succeed. This will make them feel appreciated and create return customers. Thank new clients for their orders and stay in contact with them. Ask them for feedback on their experience with you and your service. This creates an instant testimonial. For everyone else, just say “Hi” and start a conversation with your next potential customer. Continue reading

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