Google could care less about your Meta Keywords tag

Google doesn't use meta kwyword tagFor at least  five years now I have been telling people that Google doesn’t care about nor use the meta keyword tag in found in their HTML code. I have found in my own experiments that using the keyword tag acts like a wight that actually pulls a website down in the search results of Google, not lifting it up higher.

Well I finally found proof of what I have been saying all these years. To make it even better, it comes right from Google’s own mouth.  September 2009 Matt Cuts, the head spam guru at Google tells us in simple to understand English, “Google doesn’t use the “keywords” meta tag in our web search ranking.”

Number here is Google’s webmaster blog discussing this issue:

Number two, watch Matt Cutts as he tells us in his own words:

Now there is no longer any debate about using the META keywords tag. GOOGLE DOES NOT CARE!.

Now what about Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and ASK? Here is how it will break, and this is based on my ten years of working with search results.

  • Google is going to send you roughly about 80% of your organic traffic
  • Yahoo is going to send you roughly about 10%
  • Msn, AOL, ASK, Meta Crawler, Lycos, and Excite are going to send the last 10%

So the question is, should you keep the META keywords tag? In my estimation, NO! Every site I optimize for Google, does extremely well in Yahoo and MSN. Every search engine wants you to prepare your content for the human eye ball, not the search engine itself.

Do your TITLE and DESCRPTION tags correctly, prepare you content with ample keywords, and use the appropriate emphasis where needed in your content. Meaning. BOLD, STRONG, H1, H2 H3, etc. And don’t forget to get several keyword laden links pointing to your website. These are the basics. Do this and you are on your way to showing up in the search results.

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5 Responses to Google could care less about your Meta Keywords tag

  1. Johnathon says:

    Thanks you so much for that post! I would have never known this had I not stumbled onto your blog post.

  2. Jose Estrade says:

    Then why does google spend so much time on keywords if they don’t use this tag? Something doesn’t make sensse to me about that.

    • Administrator says:

      Jose I knew since about 2005 that the keyword tag wasn’t important. Just drop the meta keyword tag and put your keywords in you title, description, and your content.

  3. Eric Bolinger says:

    I have been doing SEO for 6 years now and I never knew this. Now I need to go back to the beginning and do it without the keyword tag.

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