If Social Media Isn’t Relevant How Is This Possible? What Does Lady Gaga Have To Do With It?

So if Social Media isn’t important to today’s businesses, then how can this be possible? How can a whole new industry be birthed where we now have Social Media managers? Per this news story, company’s are now hiring for this new position and paying as much as $40,000 a year to sit and manage the Twitter and Facebook accounts for a company.

It has been my contention all along that Social Media is the new Internet Marketing 2.0, and it here for the long run. I was recently told a story by a client of ours, that a friend/competitor lists one leather item each day on Facebook at a discount and sells a couple dozen items. The truth-be-told, that would have serious impact on any business.

Another example of someone doing well selling on Facebook, is Lady Gaga. About eighteen months ago I got smacked in the face with an idea I should have come up with on my own. I usually pride myself for being ahead of the curve. But not this time! Lady Gaga beat me to the punch, or her Social Media Manager did.

Lady Gaga had a complete store page set up on her Facebook page. Now since the new Facebook page/timeline layout her store page is gone, but she is still posting items to sell every couple of days and is making a mint. Of course having 52 Million followers has a small impact as well.

Business is business, and if company’s are paying $40,000 a year to manage their Social Media, then you should take the clue that money is being made in the Internet social networking era, and follow suit. If you need help in this area, Webworld2000 can help you. Give us a call or follow this link Social Media Management help.

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