Keywords In The URL or Page Name Boosts Higher Google Rankings

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Starting your own website is exciting but many get disappointed because their websites are not ranking in Google as quick as they had hoped. The use of keywords in the URL or page name of your site helps rank your site or your page in the search engines much faster than if you choose some other type of name.

Understanding how the search engines work is a critical step in choosing a URL for your site. The search engines like Google send out crawlers which read every site that it finds links to and then reads through the site in this order:


  • the URL
  • domain name (which may or may not be the same as the URL, but best if it is very similar)
  • the title tag
  • the meta description
  • the page name
  • article title
  • keywords in the article


There are behind the site words they read too, but for the purpose of this article we have listed the visual words that the crawlers read. Therefore, your URL and page names play a very important role when it relates to how quick your site will be ranked.

Let’s look at how this works? I have to use fictitious names here so as not to confuse the search engines. Say you are a dog trainer in The Moon.

You – The Business Owner

The more specific your URL is the more chance there is of your customer finding you. This means that before deciding on a URL you need to research what the essence of your business is. The more you can refine just exactly what your business does and what you want to promote in your business the better you will choose a URL that will get ranked in the search engines.

After that, naming your site needs consideration because as far as the search engines are concerned it is best if the name of the site is the same or very similar to the domain name. Example:

  • The URL –
  • The site name should be – Dog Training The Moon
  • The wrong site name would be – Jennies Dog Training

Or you might go:

  • The URL –
  • The site name – Jennies Dog Training The Moon

Usually it depends on how well known the individual is as to whether they will put their name in their site. Also consideration needs to be given to selling the business and the website name that would go with the selling of the business.

The Customer

He wants to have his dog trained.

  • He types in ‘dog training’ and comes up with 214M searches. Now in 214 million pages, where is your site going to be?
  • He types in ‘dog training the moon’ and the page results is now 12.6M
  • He types in ‘Jennies Dog Training The Moon’ and the page results is now 598,000

Your Website Page Name

As the next step in search engines ranking your site the page names should also be keyword related. In other words if you have a dog training site your page names may be: Leash Training, Stop Your Dog Biting, Puppy Crate Training.

As well as your training page names their needs to be names such as: site map, about us, contact us and privacy policy. These page names give credence to your site and show the search engines that your site is a site worth ranking.

Before setting up a site it is best if the essence of the business is researched and then the finding of the right keywords to get the site up and ranked as quickly as possible by using these keywords in the URL or page names.

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