Question for Matt Cutts, do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy?

Hmmm, watching Matt Cutts give us his  2 cents on article marketing is very interesting. As we all know, Google is looking for high quality content with links pointing back to your website to help with ranking. Google looks down on this method of link building, yet on the other hand I do see it achieve its purpose of helping a websites ranking. I don’t see it work on every website that it is tried on, yet on many sites it does work.

So should one use this method for link building? I say, as long it it works for you then yes keep on doing it. BUT…. don’t rely on this as your only method of link building. My gut feeling is, that Google is going to pull the rug out from underneath you at some point on the article websites and the links pointing to you from them.

Build links in multitudes of ways so if one method becomes worthless, you still have other links out there still pointing back to you site. Mark my word, article website site are going to become null and void.

The other thing is, that Matt didn’t answer the question as it was asked. It was asked as in relation to an SEO strategy. He only discussed it as way of marketing and getting content  for your website. Though in the last 15 seconds or so he glazed over the question.

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