SEO Basics – The Fundamental Things You Need To Know

Search Engine OptimizationLearning how search engine optimization or seo basics works and how to use it is important for anyone who wants to maximize the use of the internet to increase your traffic, sales and profits. Search engines are used millions if not billions of times each day to help people find information that they are looking for or that they are interested in. By learning how to configure your site and content correctly you can be getting your share of this free search engine traffic.

How Does SEO Basics Work

Basically, search engine optimization is the process of configuring your site and its content using both on page and off page methods to increase your contents ranking in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). The higher your content ranks, the more free search engine traffic you will be getting to your site as a result.


What Are The Benefits Of Using SEO Basics :

Here are the three main benefits that you can expect to achieve and enjoy as a result of learning and applying these tactics and strategies.

  • You can get your site quickly indexed and ranked with the search engines when it has been correctly configured using the following methods.
  • You can attract increasing amounts of free search engine traffic to your site as a result of getting higher and higher rankings.
  • You will be able to convert more visitors into buyers because your traffic will be more targeted.

Key Components Of SEO Basics

Search engines use hundreds of different ranking factors to sort out which site will rank higher than another for any given keyword phrase, so it is not realistic to try and cover all of the different factors that are involved.

However there are three important seo factors that you as a website owner has direct control over and these three factors can have a significant impact on your contents ranking.

These 3 factors are your meta title tag, meta description and your link building efforts. Lets take a closer look at these three factors to learn how to use them to maximize your ranking efforts.

Title Description Screen Shot

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Meta Title Tag – This is used to specify the title of the page being used. When used correctly by having a descriptive title, it will tell both the search engines as well as your content viewers, what the following content is about.

When viewers get to a page where the content does not match the meta title tag description then the viewer will quickly click away and the search engines view that short time on site as a indication of poor or low quality content.

Meta Description Tag – The meta description tag is often used to give an intising summary of what the reader can expect to learn or find by reading the entire document.

Link Building – This is the most important and involved part of your seo basics tactics however it is important that the first two components are setup correctly first. The more links that you have pointing to your content with relevant anchor text, the more popular your content will be with the search engines. There are actually two different kinds of links that you can get.

The first type of link that you can get is an organic link which happens when someone likes your content and chooses to link to it. This is often the best kind of link to get for two reasons. one reason is because it takes no additional work or effort on your part to have these organic links pointing to your site.

The second reason is because it is a solid indication that others found some very useful value in your content. This will often also provide you with more targeted traffic to your site.

The second type of links are when you actively work to create links coming back to your site. This can be done in a wide variety of ways. Here are some ways of applying SEO basics link building techniques to generate more links pointing to your site.

SEO Basics Link Building Methods

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different ways to get links pointing back to your site, these are some of the basic methods that you can use which are also capable of providing you with good amounts of targeted traffic as well.

Great Content – When you create and publish interesting, informative or engaging content on a regular basis other people and webmasters will be eagerly waiting to read what you have to share and they will also link back to your content so that it can be shared with others.

Article directory submissions – When using article directories it is important that you include a link back to your site in the resource box along with a strong call to action so that as many readers as possible will click through to your site.

Article directories are a great way to make your content available to a much wider audience where they can also get copies of your article and post it on their site with a link pointing back to your site.

Press releases – By having a news worthy press release published for your site this can allow you to get a lot of high priority links pointing back to your site and this will often provide you with a good spike in traffic as well.

It is important to mention that these links may only last for a short period of time, so it is important that you maximize your traffic from this source. One of the best ways to do this is to use an email list to capture contact information from your visitors.

Forum posting – If you are able to find two or three active and high ranking forums that you can join and actively participate in, you may be able to make some very useful and helpful posts to other members that will allow you to get a lot of high ranking, high traffic back links to your site.

Once again, it is important that you make sure that you have a link in your signature file so that you will have a link pointing back to your site after each new post that you make.

Guest posing – By creating high quality content for other high page rank website owners you can often get some of your best back links this way. You many need to contact at least 5-20 different blog owners before you get a reply but with the right opportunity this can help provide your site with a long term increase in rankings and traffic.

Social MediaSocial Bookmarking – This can be done by you creating accounts at the different social bookmarking sites such as delicious, digg, stumbleupon, etc, etc and then bookmarking your content at those sites.

Social Media – This can be one of the best seo basics that you can use to both get links to your site and to help your content get shared virally all over the internet. Posting links to your content on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is a quick and easy way to get links coming back to your site that can provide you with an increase in your daily traffic.

One of the best ways to do this is by using a social media plugin that will allow you to show icons for the different sites so that users can choose which site they want to use to share your content on. It can be even more effective when you ask your visitors to share your content with their friends.

By creating an accurate and interesting meta title tag for your content title, using an interesting meta description to get readers interested in reading your entire document and then using several different link building methods, you will be able to get your content indexed and ranked by the search engines. By continuing to use these seo basics on a regular basis you will be able to watch your content slowly rise in the search engine results pages until hopefully you reach position number 1.

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