Text links Deconstructed

Understanding what a text link is and how important it can be has to be something to think about. Text links are something everyone is asking and should know about because it is the difference in choosing the best marketing tool and the worst. Finding out what exactly is a text link will be so important for any successful website.

Text links will have text written into the link, this information will be a description or information over where the link leads to. For example, if a link led to a mechanical repair website, the text in the link should have description over the contents on the site – usually the characters should be no more than eighty though if possible, sixty is best. These links can be placed anywhere online, however it would best to have these links placed on websites or articles which are relevant to the link.

The HREF, actually details where the location of the information contained on that link is held – the location in other words. This tells a user where they are basically heading, where the webpage resides on the server. This HREF usually will be held on the same server as the link; however, it could also be on a completely different server. The HREF can tell someone where the actual roots are to the website or the page the link and the information as web user are trying to view; it is really like a reference to a document for the link’s contents to be detailed over.

The link title is really going to be a link explanation placed within the HTML code. This is really the anchor of the link; the title will be the anchor part of the HTML code. A cursor could be placed on the words on the title part of the code and it will make the title pop up on the page after a second or two giving the user knowledge of where the link will end up.

Link titles are going to be best for allow web users to find out where exactly they are going to be heading to. The information in the link title should be either a website’s name or sub-site; also, there could be details about what will be found on the destination page which will be reached via the text link.

Not all text links will need to have a title, if the link anchor has been placed in an article which talks about one particular subject or on a website which has its content about the same subject the web user can basically figure where the link will lead them. However, not all links will be as obvious as to where they are going to lead which means, some text links will need to have a title whereas some will not. Though, the link title should not be any more than eighty characters, if possible, it would be best to avoid going over sixty characters, the titles should be short.

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