The best practices for keyword research.

Google Keyword Tool

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Keyword research is the practice of finding out which words or phrases that would be best suited to your business and also the search engines and help you get the best amount of targeted traffic to your website.

With out doubt the best tool available on the internet to help you with keyword research is the Google Adword keyword research tool. What better place to find out which keywords to best target for your business or website to rank for in Google than Google itself. There are other keyword research tools available but most SEO experts think that Google’s data is the most reliable and accurate. The other tools you can try if you wish are Yahoos KW research tool, and Word Tracker.

Google provide a keyword research tool to help you when choosing your keywords for an Adwords campaign. Although this keyword research tool can be used to help you see what words or phrases are searched for locally and globally on Google each month.

The system will also help by suggesting alternative phrases or words, and show you visible the traffic that Google sees on a monthly basis.

So the best thing to do at first is sit down and make a list of 10 or 20 of your top keywords or phrases and then a further list of longer keyword phrases that may be a bit more specific to your site or the subject. Be prepared to have a massive list and also be prepared to start crossing them off if they do not prove to be searched for with enough volume.

Armed with your list of keywords and keyword phrases log into Google Adword keyword research tool. The first thing you will be faced with is the keyword entry box, once you have put your chosen keyword in the box select which version of Google you wish to quantify your results with. I.e. Google US or Google UK. Then complete the Captcha phrase and click continue. It will now show you your results.
It will format these results with certain information that you must process to help decide whether or not the keyword or keyword phrase is going to produce enough traffic.

1. Competition: – The competition result is telling you the amount of other sites that are using this keyword or keyword phrase optimized on their websites and are competing for the top places in the natural results in Google search engine.

2. The Global Search result: – This section shows you the amount of global searches performed for that keyword across all the Google platforms. This should be taken notice of if you are targeting a global market and have a business model that includes export of products or information.

Google Keyword Tool Explained

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3. The Local Search result: - This section gives you the number of Google searches performed for the keyword using your chosen local search engine. This should be taken into consideration when your business model is just targeting the country your business is based.

4. Local Search trends: - This is a very quick visual view of the volume of local searches performed for this keyword in a graphical manner. The trick with analyzing this information is to make sure the graph shows a level line rather than lots of peaks and troughs. This would suggest that the keyword may be seasonal or effected by other outside influences such as current trends, financial markets or even the weather.

It would be good though to remember from a SEO point of view the Google keyword tool was designed to help chose keywords for their Adword campaign and which keywords to bid on and which ones to avoid. So it would be wise to add any information you can gain from the Google Adword keyword tool to any info that you can get from other keyword research tools.

Always consider checking your long tail keywords as these will not have much search traffic but may contain several of your smaller keyword combinations and there for attract some natural search traffic.

Once you have completed your keyword research and you are armed with your top main keywords, you can optimize your on page SEO to suit these keywords. Don’t forget you then need to start adding backlinks using these keywords as anchor text. Finally maybe you could write some articles based around your subject matter, of course making sure your main keywords are mentioned and are used as anchor text backlinks to your pages. Then start submitting these articles to blogs and article directories.

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