The Importance of Having a Google Webmaster Account

A Google webmaster account is important for your website as it makes it easier for it to be identified by Google and be ranked accordingly. This happens when you provide all the pages of your website (an XML sitemap), which in turn makes all of your pages visible to the Google. Your Google webmaster account is dedicated to giving webmasters the tools to enable them to know what is going on with their website as a whole.

One of the more important things about your Google webmaster account is it shows you how often Google is downloading information from your site. You can see how often it visits and how much data is being downloaded. In my personal opinion the most important feature of the webmaster account is the keyword searching and tracking. When someone clicks on your site from the search results, you account tracks that data and reports it to you. It also shows the keywords most used to identity your pages.

Other data that Google collects are the links and the amount of links that are pointed to your site. This data is very important as it enables you to assess if your Search Engine Optimization strategies and link building strategies are working or if its time to switch to a new method.

If you find that most people do not click on your site, then the problem could be based on the keyword density or the keyword itself. It should be simple, one that your customers would use to find your product! It shows you problems that are on your site which makes it difficult for googlebot to access your pages properly, and hence poor indexing, and the possible solutions.

Another great thing about your Google webmaster account is that Google gives you a warning when someone has hacked into your website and has added a virus or malware. Once something like has happened, generally your website is removed from the search listings until Googlebot verifies that the offending issue has been removed from your site.

When this happens, it is recommended that you act quickly to avoid transferring the virus to other users who visit your website. This can be done by immediately taking down your site, consulting your web host and changing your accounts passwords. You should also check to make sure the accounts present are the ones you created as the hacker might have gone ahead and created new ones. If your server is within reach, taking it offline is better than anything else.

Once the site is locked down, you should scan your computer to identify any malicious codes the hacker might have created. It is advisable to be completely sure that no viruses are available before going online again.

The Google webmaster account is important for your website as it has tools which help in assessing your website as a whole. It also helps verify you really are the owner of a particular website. This is done by uploading a HTML file to your site or by uploading your index file with a Meta tag added. If you really want to know what Google knows about your website, then you need to sign up a Google webmaster account.

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