The Role of Information Technology in E-Commerce

Information technology and e-commerce have created new ways of carrying out business in the present arena. Information technology has presented in the business world new ways of carrying out business. Buying, selling, supplies and procurement have gone digital. Customers, suppliers, partners and investors can meet online and prosecute their business ideas in an online platform. Information technology has opened platform that allows for new channels and relationships of doing business. Manufacturers and distributors know what to produce and the quantity to distribute without having to travel but by passing information in a digital platform.  The manual type of travelling to and from manufactures is minimized by increasing dependence on contemporary technology. Much of the physical meeting has been minimized and instead replaced by digital communication. Purchasing, pricing and payment are through digital platform.

Traditional method of the 20th century is replaced by this trend of information technology and the manner in which information is being circulated has overruled the business itself. Information developed in e-commerce is becoming equally important and circulation of information is integral process of business world. Products being sold are circulated alongside information being channeled. Most firms have adapted outsourcing, licensing and distribution of confidential information through digital platform. Software is central for capabilities involving information that amount to time saving paradigm. Security, tax, employment postings, executive compensation and regulatory laws are shared in digital platform. Firms have enhanced their advisory mechanisms into a digital platform that encompass litigation, intellectual property, data sharing and policy issues. Bench marking of competing firms can be done online through implications that accord safety transfer of information. Information technology has made it possible and easy when following purchasing trend of customers. E-commerce is all about carrying business activities in a digital platform.


E-commerce has led to increased dependency on internet usage alongside traditional method of doing business. To amount credibility, e-commerce was developed in a digital platform to make use of information technology paradigm. It has always been that information technology was rolled out before e- commerce. Information technology has presented opportunity for overseas firm to access information across the globe. Information about products is available on the click of the button. Not only information about friends is transmitted digitally but information about products. The evolution is from social media to doing business. Information technology has offered opportunity for firms to upgrade themselves to suit in the global arena.  Information about products and marketing paradigm is done online owing fast transfer of information.


Information has presented viable infrastructure that encompasses revolutionary culture for all firms. Information has offered new opportunities for entrepreneur to try their luck online. Information technology has made it possible for firms to explore e-commerce niche to use it for their advantage. Information technology has made it possible for a broader outlook thus bridging the gap to foster inter-regional trade. Information technology is manifested in the wake of achieving organizational goal through verification and transfer of information. Retrieval of information and storage of information is enhanced and contracting business is heightened. E-commerce operates on the platform of information technology. The source and the target are linked along information technology platform. Linkage of participating partners is through information technology paradigm.


Information technology has made it possible for vital linkage of every part in the firm. E-commerce is all about possible business activity in an online platform. Linkage of participating partners is not only possible by networked computers but by information technology platform. Information technology is vital in risk management because required information is available online and network for verification of all sectors.


Information technology has made it possible for large amount of information storage. The technology has also enhanced information accessibility on the click of the button.  Consumer relationship is improved because firms have access to consumer information thus communication and provision of answers to pressing issues is solved appropriately. Firms are at the position of assessing consumption trend and respond to it without fail. Information technology is a management tool because accessibility of what is happening at any given time is synchronized. Information technology is the road to quick transfer of information that encompasses business dealings. Hard copy storage method is liable to security menace thus need for information technology. E-commerce operates on information technology platform thus without information technology, e-commerce is no more. Information technology is vital for fund transfer and electronic payment in carrying out business. Recording and processing of business transaction is heightened with use of information technology.

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