Tips on Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a web-based pin board that allows web users to post and organize images and written content that is of interest to them. As in other social networking platforms, using Pinterest for business can help you enhance your online presence and brand visibility.

Pinning a link to your blog is a great way of using Pinterest for business. With every image that you pin on your various boards, you can embed a link to your blog or website. Businesses that are looking for an online presence or to establish online brand visibility, must create interesting content on their blogs or websites to hook people who are following you. Pairing interesting images with high quality and relevant content is a sure way of having more and more people re-pin your boards across different social networking platforms.

Pinterest not only allows you to share your images, content and product offering it also lets you follow the trendsetter in your industry or areas of business interest. By following industry pace setters or “Tastemakers” you will in a sense, be asking them to follow and re-pin you also. Although not everyone you follow or whose pins you re-pin will reciprocate, most people do. Thus, it helps to follow and re-pin the boards of the shakers and movers; they will in effect cause your product offering to become more popular and to spread virally across the social networks. You can start following trendsetters by going to the top right hand corner of your page and using the drop down menu to look for trendsetters to follow.

Admittedly, when using Pinterest for business you will realize that there is no system through which potential buyers can purchase directly from your Pinterest page. This should not deter you from posting your product offering, and to promote your brand. Optimizing the contents in your various boards is also very import in attracting the right traffic to your brand. A good way of optimizing images and Pinterest content is using keywords and hashtags when writing descriptions for the things that you pin. The keywords you use must fit well with your niche. For example if you are in the food industry use keywords and hashtags that your potential customers might use to find your type of restaurant or food offering.

Another effective way of using Pinterest for business is to engage in business to business-selling (B2B). This means that you are not only solely focused on promoting and exposing your products but also those of other businesses. This also works the other way round so that you and other business partners are helping each other market complimentary products to increase the exposure and value of these products. Also, set yourself up as a source of industry information such that instead of only promoting products on your board, you can pin other useful and interesting things. These might be simple industry statistics, fun facts or curated images that will inform and excite those who are following you. Everybody likes fresh and interesting information; use that as your guide.

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  1. Johnathon says:

    Interesting tips that I hadn’t thought of. I like the blog idea.

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