What Type Of Content Is Affecting Your Site SEO

googlesitemapGoogle’s search engine uses different methods to determine which pages rank in the search engine results. Their exact way of doing it is still a mystery, but there are few things you can do to rank better.

Although these tips may not position your website at the top of the list, they may help you move up a little. No matter the methods you follow, make sure you create a site that you want to visit. Don’t use any tricks to fool Google as it will figure it out and modify their formula. Hence, you will be left behind in the search results and wonder, why.

Here are some tips that not only take you up a few places in the search page rankings for a couple of months but also they’ll help in gaining quality traffic.

Create unique content

The most important aspect of all your SEO efforts is your content. Using the best of SEO tricks you may fool the search bots for a while but if your content is bad and not interesting, nobody is going to click on your site or share your content with others.

Good, informative content on the other hand, will be widely accepted and shared with others. Your site’s content must be fresh, unique, interesting and with natural flow of keywords to grab the attention of search engines. If your content is unique and created for the niche it’s serving, it will already contain the keywords you need.

Update your content regularly to cover the latest trends in your niche.

Choose a comfortable niche

If you choose to work on General subjects, you may find it a bit difficult. This is because while dealing with topics of general interest you may have to face tough competition from some well established players.

Sticking to a niche, on the other hand, limits your visitors but also limits your competition. You can make use of your creativity and write in your own style. Also you’ll have a good reputation from smaller but more loyal community. Another important thing is to look for the words or phrases that are commonly used by readers to search in Google. Incorporate them into your content but let them flow in naturally.

Research keywords

Although keywords are vital for SEO, don’t overuse them in your content. Google’s keyword tool will help you in creating a list of frequently searched keywords. Once you’ve compiled the list, use them wisely throughout your content. Include them in your headlines, first few words of first paragraph, meta tags and sub-headers. Be careful not to over-stuff your content with them and let them flow naturally.

Stick to SEO-friendly URLs

Make sure that all pages of your blog carry a unique and SEO-friendly URL that informs the reader of what the content is about. For example, if you have a blog about health, instead of www.myblog.com/tips/item34?=4353, convert your URL into something meaningful like www.myblog.com/tips/for-staying-healthy-and-beautiful which is more search engine friendly.

Write and tag hierarchically

In order for Google and other search engines to rank your site better, it’s important for your content to be well-structured and professionally written. Place appropriate tags in your content. Add H1 tags for headings, H2 tags for subheadings and so on. This concept will also encourage you to add your most interesting things first.

Use meta descriptions

Don’t forget to add meta tag description to the content of your website. Although Google does not consider the meta tag descriptions for ranking your site, they are still important in gaining user click-through from the search engine results pages. Google will allow you to add a description of up to 150 characters. So let it be short and informative. Also don’t forget to use keywords in your meta tags. This is an easy to make Google recognize your content and optimize it.

Add images

An image is worth a thousand words. Add appropriate images to your content. You can also use image search features of Google to get the relevant images for your content. Adding eye-catching images that are copyright free will grab the reader’s attention and also boost your search engine rankings.

Add HTML description tags for each image you use in your content. These tags should briefly describe what the image is of or how it relates to your content.

Content writing length

Google recommends the content to be between 500- 1000 words. If your content is too long, it may not draw the reader’s interest. Hence it is necessary to break it into small units. Include an introductory paragraph at the beginning of your article.

About The Author: Diana is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes to reputationchanger.com

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