Understand and optimize the dynamics of your website, based on site traffic and user feedback. Analyze your leadership over your nearest competitor based on trends. We measure your website trends to help you plan your future course of market penetration.


Webworld2000 AnalyticsThe majority of websites underperforms or struggles to turn their visitors into customers due to huge online competition and lack of web analytics. In this scenario a website analytics tool can help you understand & analyze your visitor behavior.


Success of a website just cannot be rated upon the number of visits everyday. To make the most of your website, you will need to understand whether banners and advertisements of your site are getting enough clicks, number of visitors who are engaged with your website and your landing pages are confusing etc.


We at W2K can provide you with web analytics services that can improve the performance of your site. With a better website that is more functional, you can experience better conversion and thereby increase your bottom-line. By investing in web analytics you can maximize the revenue you get from your site.


You will require different Key Performance Indicators depending upon the type of industry and business. This is where we can help you. We, at Wevio can provide you with solutions that would address the unique requirements for your website.


Following are few reasons why you must consider opting for web analytics:

  • Web Analytics provides with the insight on how your visitors are experiencing and interacting with your site. Based on this, you can make your website more functional and easy-to-use
  • Web analytics can help you understand the conversion rate of your visitors and provide you with solutions to maximize the conversion rate
  • You can take actionable steps to improve the performance of your website from the data pertaining to your site’s entrance pages, exit pages and visitor activity,
  • Plot the traffic patterns on your site and get information on where they break down
  • Overall it helps you maximize the potential of your website

All this can result in an increased bottom-line and improved ROI!

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Traffic

JM-Internet-Marketing(SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" search results.*



Pay Per Click Search Marketing

Paid Search Program

JM-Internet-MarketingReach Your Targeted Audience using Pay Per Click advertising. The most cost-effective way to convert visitors into customers.


Advanced e-Commerce Solutions

Magento Commerce

Increase conversions & profit with the #1 eCommerce platform, Magento. The robust eCommerce solution.



Social Media & Buzz Marketing


JM-Internet-MarketingSocial Media is no longer about staying in touch with friends. Today Social Media campaigns have become marketing blockbusters.