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W2K Offers Premium Web Hosting Services That Provide You With The Peace Of Mind Knowing That Your Site Is Secure, Reliable, And Most Importantly, Highly Available.


There are many web hosting companies in business today but most are outside the Los Angeles area and don't care who they host. When you're choosing a web hosting provider the important factors to consider is the reliability of your host, their reputation in the industry, and the ability to grow your business with your web host.


W2k offers their clients the following:

QUALITY: As a professional web hosting provider, we use high quality, custom-built servers to ensure your web site is hosted on reliable hardware that provides fast and optimum performance. Many providers offer hosting services at cheaper rates but remember cheap hosting service always mean cheap hardware. At W2k, all of our servers are connected to multiple upstream bandwidth providers; this means if one connection is down the others will continue to provide the necessary connectivity to your web site, which will reduce downtime to your web site to almost zero, offering a quality service.

HONESTY: We believe in providing honest and truthful web site hosting services. At W2k, there are no hidden restrictions or rules that will prevent you from utilizing the resources you pay for. W2k delivers what it promises. There is one exception to this rule, we do not under any circumstances allow adult material on our servers. Please don't ask, the answer will be NO!

ASSURANCE: We provide you the best web hosting services for your business. We have purposely kept the number of hosting accounts to clients only, so that you will receive the service you need when you need it. Timely calibration on all of our hardware assists us in providing uninterrupted hosting services to our clients.

AFFORDABLE PRICE: We aim to provide affordable website hosting packages without sacrificing on the features or qualities of our service. This means you do not have to pay extra for services that you do not use or require. Furthermore, you will save even more when you choose to prepay for your account in advance.

W2k is a world leader in website hosting, known for dependability, redundancy, and affordability. Our primary focus has always been to provide reliable technical support and award-winning hosting service for each and every client. Our reputation allows us to deliver unbeatable service to our existing customers worldwide.

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